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Indo Nordic Strategic Association (CIN : U74140GJ2015NPL084424) has pleasure in announcing the formation of a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) sec. 8 company for fostering business, research & cultural co-operation between Indian and Nordic companies / entities (preferably involving Nordic Council in future). We have received 12AA permission as a tax exempted institution. For availing tax benefit (50%) under 80G(5) (Registration Certificate No. AADC19478A/565/15-16/T-818/80G(5)/Dated 08.04.2016)of the Indian I.T. Act 1961, please become member or provide us funding / contribution/ donation.

As Regional Representative, Founder & Managing Director Mr. Hirendrasinhji Rana had extensive exposure to the Nordic region during tenure with the largest Indian software group. In addition, for four years, he was ‘Consulting Advisor’ to Swedish Trade Council through the Embassy in New Delhi.

The main objective of Indo Nordic Strategic Association would be to create awareness about Nordic countries in India and vice-versa. It would provide a forum for active interactions & networking among Indian and Nordic entities. It would provide facilitation through seminars, discussions, delegation visits and proactive media coverage targeted at respective Indian, Danish / Swedish/ Norwegian / Finnish / Icelandic  Governments , the corporate sector and public at large. In addition, subsequently it intends to act as 'Think Tank' of experts / researcher / trade & government institutions.

It would solicit active participation / co-operation / assistance from the Nordic embassies in India and Indian embassies in Nordic region. Keeping Nordic Co-operation (Nordic Council) in view, its efforts would be supplementary to the embassy endeavours.

Along with business promotion, 'Indo Nordic Strategic Association' plans activities as an independent, non-partisan research organization (Think Tank) specializing in national security, foreign policy, and defence planning issues. We plan to help government policy makers, major industry leaders / associations, and officials in the public policy community to make informed decisions in a dynamic and unpredictable global security environment. Our visiting scholars would consists of a mix of academicians, business professionals, retired military officers, and foreign policy specialists who would bring a uniquely broad array of talents and experiences to every task they undertake

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